Thursday, 22 September 2011

iLiKECRANES (a crane a day keeps the evil at bay)

Sooooooooooooo..... Legend has it if you fold one thousand cranes a crane flies down and grants you a wish. I am planning on making this happen sooner rather then later for me. My house is full of them. Plus you can wear them too....

BeeAnchor hair designs

BeeAnchor hair designs

BeeAnchor hair designs

BeeAnchor Crane Brooches
BeeAnchor hair designs

BeeAnchor hair designs
I think her eye may need replacing

BeeAnchor hair designs

BeeAnchor hair designs

She is my best model though!

They are made using carefully selected material and are extremely durable. Like them? Come down to Reetsweet at Corn Exchange October 1st and 2nd where I will be selling them :D

think I'm up to about 450 cranes now.... getting there!



Friday, 16 September 2011


I have completely neglected my blog! I am hanging my head in shame like a guilty parent.

Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I have just come back from Bestival which was all kinds of epic. Real life is just so dull! Where is the roller disco, techno tree, mini bar, mr motivator, swimming pool lengths of bunting EVERYWHERE? Where is the rock star pop star and diva outfits? Where is the fireworks, club dada tent and helta skelta? Boooooooo! This weekend I am definitely going to be sleeping outside in a sleeping bag, dressed as Peaches (this one not Geldof) listening to Bjork really loudly whilst trying to recreate the visuals with a kaleidoscope. I'm sure it will be exactly the same!

Anyways, back in the real world. Everyone should head on down to the Reetsweet craft fair October 1st and 2nd
Located in the Corn Exchange Leeds (Yes, there is still things going on in there), Reetsweet is full of treats that you just wouldn't find in your every day high street store. From beautiful prints, to modern knitwear, printed teapots and accessories there really is something for everyone. Plus I sometimes sell my hair accessories at them!

Here's one of my highlights from previous Reetsweets:

Jil's developed her own print method to make beautiful badges, cushions, bags and more. Its rather addictive and I am in danger of buying her entire stock. This one is possibly my favourite:

That's me looking pretty happy with myself after buying this pony!

Becki has made me dinner, so I'm signing off


BeeAnchor x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Game Time

Hmmm... I wrote this post when I was hungover on Sunday, but hitting the 'publish' button proved a little too much for me. So here's one I wrote earlier....

I met up with my friend Rose yesterday for a few drinks. She's been in Australia for almost a year so naturally the cocktails were flowing steadily. Now my stomach hates me! I am trying every kind of distraction possible in an attempt to ignore the growing sick feeling. Going to TK Maxx was a bad idea, but finding lots of amazing Nintendo apparel on the Internet seems to be working.

First up there is this dress........ This beautiful beautiful dress! I REALLLLLLLY want it. I say this a lot, but I think if I owned this dress I would actually wear it every single day. I might even consider down sizing my two wardrobes for this dress. If someone would like to make me a more affordable version, I would be mighty happy
I have a massive trainer fetish. I thought nothing could top my gold leopard print glittery Nikes with pink ticks, but then I found this website: The guy who runs it hand paints Nike Dunks with a variety of Pokemon, Nintendo and other cartoon characters. They are absolutely fantastic. And whats better - he takes custom orders. I know what's on my Christmas list:
This next dress is immense, but I can't find anywhere that sells it! Snorlax dress:

Re-blogged from

As you can see I love anything Pokemon related

These trainers aren't out until August, and their repeat Mario counterparts are only available in Japan, so i am not hopeful about owing a pair. But they are sure are mighty fine...
Have a look at the Japanese Converse website to see the repeat Mario version.

Right I'm off to dig out my old (well my brothers old) colour game boy, blow on the game cartridges to get them to work and try and find some double A's.


BeeAnchor xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dance Dance Dance

Ah, it was a matter of time before Boys Noize appeared on here!

I am going to see Chemical Brothers on Saturday and to say I can't wait would be an understatement. I am currently taking myself through their back catalogue and I REALLLLLLLLLLY WANT TO DANCE NOW! I love them so much, but have never seen them - shocking! I tried a few years ago but they were rained off stage (WTF!) - I would have been angry, but it was one of the best festivals of my life - Boys Noize DJing on a bus and dancing for hours with my friend Guppi - doused in glitter. Ah happy memories.

I love festivals, and I love dancing. I would say that dancing is probably my favouritest thing to do in the world......

AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Digitalism are playing. I love love Digitalism sooooooo much! Their new album 'I Love You Dude' is not what I was expecting at all. The songs have a slightly happier poppier vibe about them which I wasn't sure about at first. But after the initial shock at their change in direction, I've decided I like it. Their first album 'Idealism' was pure genius, I guess it is hard to top that. Every song on 'Idealism' is brilliant and I would pick a new favourite with every listen, but there seems to be something lacking on the new album. There is no Jupiter Room equivalent on 'i love you dude'. Maybe I just need to listen to it more.

Oh gosh! I forgot about this guy. Admit it - we all wish we had a friend who dances like this! It's pretty spectacular

Hmmm... I am gonna go put Chemical Brother Electronic Battle Weapon 7 on really loudly now.


BeeAnchor x

Sunday, 26 June 2011



Its about a gazillion degrees in my flat at the moment, and there is some festival going off along the river which is reverberating off the buildings and sounds awful. Nevertheless - it is SUNNY so I am H A P P Y! I think ginger beer and a park are on the cards for the rest of the day.

As always I woke early - this is never ever by choice, I would be sleeping 'til at least half ten if I had things my way. My flat just gets sooooo warm and the sun comes straight through the blinds. Gah! But this Sunday morn I don't mind as I have a chance to do some unnecessary shopping!

Look it!

And I found these wonderous things:

Right well - its fast approaching the afternoon period and this post is entitled "good morning", so I am just going to quickly post about the amazingness that is Henry Hollands bone tights, and make myself a pot of Sri Lankan tea. Henry Hollands House of Holland bone tights are the most Bianca-esk tights I have ever seen. The only thing I dislike about them is the fact that I cannot buy them yet. I NEED THEM!

The most fantastic tights in the world

I think everyone should watch his promo video - It's so 90's.In a good way. I am sold!


BeeAnchor x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Taxidermal stuff of dreams

I asked my mum for some taxidermy for my 21st birthday. I am now 26 and there is still a taxidermal shaped hole in life. My problem is I really like expensive taxidermy - like the fireplace grates with 20 woodland birds....... and great big bears.

I might however be willing to save for a mallard lamp:

This utterly wonderful creation is by the brilliant Alex Randall (

Last time I was in London I may have spent a little too much time peering in the window of Jaguar Shoes (Old Shorditch High Street). Jazmine Miles-Long produces the taxidermy and Lilli Cowley-Wood turns it in beautiful printed textiles. I stood there in awe, the outcome is simply stunning and I want it all. If someone would like to make me a dress out of this fabric, I would be mighty grateful!

I ordered some feathers of eBay and was rather shocked when I opened the package and found a whole Pheasants wing. After the initial queasy feeling of pulling the wing and finding its joints still intact, it swiftly made its way onto a fascinator base and into my hair. It has become a firm favourite of mine if ever I feel the need to dress up an outfit. I think I may well wear it to the variety show tomorrow eve.

I don't think you can class Lolo's pieces as taxidermy, but I am going to include them in this post any ho. Lolo Holmes ( is an amazing photographer from Leeds. She also collects skulls and bones from the Yorkshire dales applies delicate gold leaf and creates truly unique necklaces. I recently did a stall with her at the Nation of Shopkeepers, I resisted for about half an hour before nabbing one of her delicate pieces for myself. I would post a picture of the necklace I purchased on here (a rabbit skull), but I wouldn't it do anywhere near enough justice (I am not a photographer). Instead here is one of hers:
There really is nothing like her pieces, they are so very beautiful. I recommend you all go look at her etsy shop now!

My house is going to be an amazing when I am older. I imagine it will be very much like a haberdashery meets the natural history museum meets your grannies kitchen. I cannot wait!


BeeAnchor x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011



I'm Bianca, a somewhat part time designer of hair accessories and rather bold jewellery. This is a list of my wants, needs and inspirations which i will probably use much in same way as an online diary.

I think I have borderline ADHD and need to be constantly occupied, I am always making something new. I love patterns, colour and taking traditional techniques and applying them in an interesting and new way. I knit, I sew, I fold, I have screen printed in the past, and will hopefully screen print in the future.

That's enough intro I think - I hate introductions!


BeeAnchor x